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Shopping for tech stuff in So Cal WAS great because we get all the latest gear the minute it gets off the boat from Asia.  But stores have closed, covid has destroyed things, Staples and Best Buy do not have the selection they once did as electronics sales shift more onto the Internet.  People on the East Coast pay more for the same stuff because it must be shipped across America first.  Sadly, Fry's Electronics (shown above) has gone out of business due to things like Amazon.com stealing their sales and the Coranovirus pandemic closing their stores. SAD. RIP you kooky retail electronics wonderland.  You might try the Best Buy at La Brea and Santa Monica instead. Avoid wandering aimlessly through the pages of Amazon.com and its fake reviews, strangely priced products, and untrustworthy "refurbished" tech.

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computer purchasingFor strictly online shopping I recommend NewEgg.com.  There are several other sites that are just as good but NewEgg is in Whittier. That's in LA just 12 miles from downtown. Like Amazon.com they even have their own delivery trucks. They can send you almost anything in a day or two even with the cheapest shipping.  Plus they get everything new and nifty the minute it comes off the boat from Asia. Long Beach is where all the Asian imports enter America. Why buy from an East Coast site that must ship electronics cross country just to get back to where it was originally imported? I have never used it but I have heard that their customer support is poor, so you might want to think twice about spending thousands of dollars there but for smaller purchases I would definitely reco it. In fact, it is all I use unless forced to go to the "Amazon."

jeff bezos as doctor evilDid you know Amazon treats its white collar and blue collar workers like Scientology slaves!?? Yes, drivers have to pee in bottles to make their deliveries! Because the site does not really vet the products for sale one journalists was able to set up a fake account selling worker urine as an energy drink!  Warehouse employee locations are monitored using their cell phones. Someone is spending too much time in the bathroom! How dare you have diarheaa from overwork! Plus many worse things! Unionize! Of course Jeff Bezos, billionaire, won't stand for that. How do you think he got that rich? If working in US Amazon warehouses are like being exploited in the third world, check out the explotation Amazon does there!

White collar workers in their offices are exposed to the same horrible pressures. As in the Church of Scientology, you are expected to fill out a report on what your boss does and he does the same to you. This cross checks everyone and leads to a culture of snitching. Office workers also have the same unbearable long hours and stress of the blue collar ones. And you better NOT work from home! If Amazon employees worked from home the real estate market in downtown Seattle (their HQ) would plummet! All so you can get that roll of scotch tape five minutes sooner. But you know who is really being "Scotch" (cheap)? Owner Jeff Bezos!

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