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gremlin stripe People used to buy copies of Windows because it helped them do things they could not do before. Microsoft used to use Windows as its cash cow. But now they cannot. Therefore they are looking for ways to monetize windows 11 and make money with ads, by upselling, and by whoring out your personal marketing information to the highest bidder. Even though they have $105,000,000,000 in cash at the bank in profits as of 2022.

That is just not enough for them.

There are three rules you must not break if your Win 10 pc is to survive.

1. Do not leave Windows 10 to overheat in bright sunlight.
2. Do not get Windows 10 wet.  Esp. laptops!
3. But, most important, now matter how much it begs, no matter how much Windows 10 pleads, DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 11.

windows 10 repairThis is all about “upselling.” That is when you get a product suspiciously cheaply and then they constantly beg or trick you into spending more. When I would install Windows 7 it was nosy and upselling a little. When I install Windows 10 I have to unplug the Internet first to make it install without demanding I sign up for a Microsoft account.  When I install Windows 11 it REQUIRES a net connection and REQUIRES a Microsoft account. Then I have to undo that and make a local account using a shifting link in the operating system that keeps moving deeper and deeper into the menu system every time they update the PC.

How does Win 11 “upsell?”

windows 11 repairIt pushes it’s products, like the Edge internet browser. Microsoft’s Windows help file system, news updates and weather links open on it. By default. Even if Google Chrome is your default browser.

It wants you to subscribe to Microsoft Office for a year by extorting you for cash. Would it not be better to let me just buy it? Microsoft Word has not changed much in twelve years. I don’t need to sign up for more than I want when I can just buy the product and we can eventually get old and die together!

It may snoop around and removed pirated old video games or a pirated copy of Photoshop. It wants to control your PC. The entire device is just as excuse to sell you services and watch your eyeballs and your typing.

This is the extortive subscription business model that Microsoft, Adobe and others are now using as their main revenue stream. Fortunately for MS, they make the majority of their money in things like cloud services they don’t need Windows anymore. They also have entertainment revenue streams like Xbox.

But they do this anyway.  Once they even upgraded both my lawyer's computers from Windows 7 to 10 overnight without telling him! I was furious.

Windows 10 will continue to have security updates until October 2025. That is E-O-L End Of Life. Plenty of time to pressure the company to change how Win 11 works, which they do constantly anway.

Windows 11 is full of GREMLINS. Bugs and half baked things that do not work right yet. It does not do anything that Win 10 can’t do.  It spies on you even more and wants to own your computer and software. Major chunks of it like the control panel are still Windows 7 and the Win 11 parts are changed around for no reason.

Windows 11 is all about taking away your control of your own robot. Don’t let Microsoft do that.

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